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About the artist

Mark Hillsdon Gibbs is a multi-discipline visual artist, designer, writer, and creative director, now based in Brisbane, Australia. For many years he ran a respected commercial design studio, acquiring deep experience in graphic design, photography and art direction.

As an artist he has been headlined in over ten significant exhibitions across Australia over a period of 20 years. As a designer and writer his commercial clients have included banks, major corporations and government. During the nineties he freelanced extensively, working for many of Australia’s iconic advertising agencies.

An artist with an MBA, his recent work, featured on this website, has integrated his fine art skills with his long experience in graphic design.

Major exhibitions

2010 Gods and Goddesses. Gold Coast Arts Centre.
2009 Gods and Goddesses. Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide
2008 Naked Art. Artstyle Galleries, Adelaide
2007 Elements. Artstyle Galleries, Adelaide
2000 Naked Below the Surface. Central Gallery, Adelaide
1999 Eyescapes. PCL Exhibitionists, Sydney
1998 Auric Fields. The Myer Centre, Adelaide
1997 Essential Oils. PCL Exhibitionists, Sydney
1996 Nude Forms. SOHO Galleries, Sydney
1995 Lifeforce. Hilton International, Adelaide



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